Hello my name is Mary Kay Wolf, owner of Hiker Dog and fellow dog lover. I have owned, loved, and trained dogs most of my life.

One of my other great passions is being outdoors in out of the way ‘natural’ places and enjoying the adventure these places provide. Many times I will have my dog with me and notice how more ‘alive’ he becomes in the woods
– just like I do.

My philosophy is that all dogs big or small have a primal need to explore and travel through these natural unrefined places, and Hiker Dog was born.

My background is in the biological sciences, but dogs have always been a big part of my life.

My experiences include owning and operating a dog day care, as well as shelter work as a volunteer. I bring much experience working with difficult to handle dogs with behavior problems ranging from extremely timid dogs to very dominant dogs. I can handle any dog large or small.