Pack hikes that
offer socializing and
excellent exercise.

Exploration of trails
and parks that
your dog will love.

We are bonded and
insured to offer
you peace of mind.

Hiker Dog offers one-hour leashed dog pack hikes for your dog in a rustic and challenging environment. We service a limited, but broad Omaha-area.

Our goal is to provide dogs living in urban areas with experiences that enrich their lives, while keeping in mind that safety is always our number one priority.

We feel that pack hikes are the best single experience for a dog. Our hikes stimulate behavioral instincts of your dog in a natural environment – to be out with other dogs, traveling in a pack, closely resembles their natural way of life. This experience does not occur at the dog park, doggie day care, or a routine walk around the block. We hike different locations, so there are always new sights, sounds, and smells.